WWIV New Album Update!

World War IV is putting the finishing touches on our first major operation and getting it ready for a fall release – through the able assistance of the inestimable Justin Phelps. All of the music is complete and we are just wrapping the artwork to ensure that the whole package is as heavy as you’ve come to expect from us.

The album runs the gamut from the first songs we premiered in the basement to epic tracks we were developing as we recorded in the studio at Hallowed Halls. We’re delivering eleven ground-shaking artillery strikes straight to your ear holes to leave you battered and bruised but wanting more. Look for this smoking CD¬†coming your way from Volume Bomb records soon!

NEWSFLASH: The cease-fire is over!

That’s right, people – you had better get yourself strapped and prepare to come out of that foxhole and into no-man’s-land, because World War IV has gotten our reinforcement. We’re pleased and proud to announce that Matt Theodoroff will be supplying the pyrotechnics that we need to rock your faces clean off!
We’ve only gotten a few missions under our belt with the new line-up but Knuckles is fitting right in that pocket and making it his own, so it’s time to bring the big guns out to do battle. We’ll be doing our first operation up in tha ‘Couv at Malibu’s on Saturday May 16th. We’re playing with Breaker Breaker, Dear Assassin, and Garden of Eden and you won’t want to miss it.
If you’ve seen us before and think you know World War IV, you’ll be surprised! We’ve swapped some things around and come up with some new stuff for you to showcase the new World War IV and rest assured we’re as heavy as ever but with a new spring in our step!

Follow this space to get news about upcoming shows, and rest assured that you’ll hear sooner rather than later, because we all have itchy trigger fingers after sitting in this damn trench.

Hello Rockers!

Just starting up the website! Please take a look around, sign up for text alerts, buy a CD or some cool merch and send us some feedback if you get a chance. We hope to see you at a show soon! ROCK!